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FICAC, a global network of Consular Associations, was created to support and improve the status, legitimacy, and effectiveness of all consular officers in all receiving States.

It aims to promote and strengthen mutual understanding between Honorary Consuls and Career Consuls worldwide; develop a framework and basis for the exchange of current information, ideas and suggestions regarding matters related to the office of Honorary Consuls and Career Consuls; promote at the national level and international for a better understanding of duties and responsibilities.



FICAC (Federation Internationale des Corps et Associations Consulaires AISBL) is also known as the World Federation of Consuls. The Federation is a non-profit organisation and it abstains from all religious or political activities and from the practice of any discrimination on grounds of race, sex, colour, religion or such other grounds as enumerated in relevant international human rights treaties.

FICAC has been recognised as an NGO by the United Nations in 1993, initially with ROSTERECOSOC status upgraded in August 2018 to SPECIAL ECOSOC Status. It is also recognised as an NGO by the Organisation of American States (OAS) and by the European Union (EU).

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Recognition of the status of FICAC as an NGO

Recognition of the status of FICAC as an NGO

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