HEALING with ART “Exhibition for female Artists”

July 4, 2022 | Women Committee

Dear Colleagues,

It is tremendous pride to announce that the WIDC (Women in Diplomacy) and ART committee are working on a new project byorganizing an exhibition for female Artists.
The theme is ‘HEALING!
Why Healing?
HEALING is a concept that will bring goodness to humanity and the environment. The exhibition will be open in a European city early next year. As you see, we are publishing some of the selected artworks by the art directors.
Mr Erol Makzume and Ms Nathalie Mimoun in this column.
The exhibition date and place will be announced in the coming months.
We look forward to having your participation in the exhibition and the auction of those unique and meaningful works of art.

Have a great time.

Gonul Oray Eken
Honorary Consul of St Kitts & Nevis -The Chair of the Women in Diplomacy Committee of FICAC