July 4, 2022 | Women Committee

Art is a calming and motivational medium for many people.
Art has a powerful influence on a person’s well-being and outlook.

Art can help the whole world filled with stress and fear become relaxed and focused. Art is a wellness activity that can change a person’s frame of mind. It can have an impact on emotions and attitude. It can create a sense of purpose and optimism. In today’s uncertain times, the healing power of art is more important than ever before.
The arts generate wellbeing, it can aid recovery and support longer and better lived lives. Art has the ability to regenerate and heal our spirit and souls. It helps people express experiences that are too difficult to put into words, so we can start a healing journey with art.

Elf Vatanoglu-Lutz
Founder of Oxytocin Medicine and Art Platform @oksitosinplatformu