June 17, 2015 | News

Members of the Consular Association of Iceland – Iceland Consular Corps which was established in 1964, seen above celebrating their Corps’ 40th Anniversary at a festive dinner at the Radisson SAS Saga Hotel in Reykjavik.

Félag kjoerraedismanna á Íslandi, the Consular Associaiton of Iceland, was established in year 1964. On the 10th of December, 2004 the members of the association and their spouses celebrated this by a festive dinner at the Radisson SAS Saga Hotel in Reykjavik. The guest of honour was the President of Iceland, Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson with his wife, and other guests were many Senior Government Officials.

During this festive dinner the Chairman of the Consular Corps of Iceland Mr. Jon H. Bergs in his speech commemorated the founders of the association and its activities during 40 years. In a speech the President of Iceland paid tribute to the operations of honorary consuls in Iceland and thanked them and the association for contributions promoting better relations between Iceland and Icelanders and the countries and citizens of the states they represent.

The President of FICAC, the World Federation of Consuls Mr. Roland Dahlman and his wife Gunilla were invited by the association to take part in the 40 year celebrations. Unfortunately they were not able to come to Iceland at the time and Mr. Dahlman, as President of FICAC, sent the following message which was read during the festive dinner:

“Your Excellencies, Mr. Chairman, Fellow Consuls, Ladies and Gentlemen:

As the President of FICAC, the World Federation of Consuls, I wish to bring to all of you warmest regards and greeting on this festive occasion from Stockholm.

As I have told your Chairman, Mr Bergs, my wife and I are unable to attend this occasion on account of our daughter’s marriage at the medieval Church of Solna and dinner at the House of Nobility of Sweden.

We are very sorry to have missed this occasion tonight. We had looked forward to it, to meet with you, to learn from you, to consult on consular matters and, not the least, to return to your interesting and wonderful country.

Please accept, on behalf of my fellow Executive Committee Directors and my own behalf our congratulations on the 40th Anniversary of the Consular Corps of Iceland.

You were a founder of FICAC under the Copenhagen Declaration, you continue to support FICAC and I congratulate you and thank you.

With all best wishes,

Roland Dahlman
President of FICAC
The World Federation of Consuls”

Mr. Dahlman’s message was well taken and very much appreciated.