Central Committees

Hon. Armagan Oner (Turkey) info@oner.com.tr

The purpose of this Committee is to guide the initiative of cooperation between the UNDP and the
World Federation dealing with promoting awareness of the effects of climate change. Its operation
is to create regional and international awareness of the program.

We have initiated cooperation with the UNDP & FICAC in energy and the environment. These
issues are of global concern as climate change, loss of biodiversity and ozone layer depletion
cannot be addressed by countries acting alone.

Climate change is potentially the biggest risk factor facing humanity, and it is played out in the
political, social and economic spheres vital to the security and viability of countries.

The costs associated with loss of life, destruction of property and depletion of national wealth
arising from intensified weather events, are large and increasing. All countries are at risk from
climate change and the recovery costs are so large that their prospects of development may be
set back for generations.

We must have all hands on deck to deal with this global crisis. The intention of this proposed
cooperation with the UNDP is for us to assist in promoting international awareness of these
important matters.

MOU was signed in 2010 with The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation: the Committee will
cooperate with and provide any assistance to H.E. Bernard Fautrier, Vice-President and CEO.

Hon. Prof. Stelio Campanale (Italy) campanalelawfirm@tin.it
Hon. Orli Nashitz (Israel) onaschitz@nblaw.com
Hon. Faruk Cengic (Turkey) faruk@farukcengic.com

a. Consular PrivilegesThe Consular Privilege Protection Committee will work with members to ensure the enactment of the privileges in line with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963.
The functions of the Committee are as follows;

  1. To inform Presidents/Deans of member associations about the rights, privileges, immunities
    of Honorary Consuls as laid down in the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963;
  2. To entertain, from Presidents/Deans of member associations, reports of violation of rights,
    privileges and immunities of Honorary Consuls;
  3. To consider the reports and advise the President/Dean concerned as to the line of action; if
    necessary, to correspond with the authorities concerned, in consultation with the
    President/Dean of the member association, on the problem with a view to finding a solution
    to the problem;
  4. If requested by the President/Dean concerned and if considered necessary, to authorize
    one or more members of the Committee to meet the authorities concerned personally and
    discuss with them the problem with a view to finding a solution to the problem; provided
    that the cost of travel, board and lodging is borne by the member association concerned.
  5. To contact all the Associations and to get information whenever any event happens, to be
    in touch with advisors and technicians all around the world.

b. Security

  • To collect info and feed-backs from members facing security problems
  • To identify Security problems and to propose the most suitable way to find solutions to these
    problems (proposals to Ministry of Foreign Affairs,…)
  • To organize a Conference on Security
    Sub-Committees a. and b. will collaborate closely.

Hon. Erol Makzume (Turkey) erolmakzume@makzume.com
Hon. Mrs. Nathalie Mimoun (Israel) nathalie_mimoun@hotmail.com
Hon. F. Piers (Belgium) piersfrancois@gmail.com

The purpose of this Committee is to bring cultures of the world to members’ countries and present
them to the general population of the Receiving State free of cost.
Its operation is to organize cultural exchange groups funded by the member countries.
Every year, each Association is asked to try to organize a FICAC event, like the “Association of
Honorary Consuls in Turkey” is organizing the FICAC Horses Race Cup every Autumn.

Hon. A. Eken (Turkey) president@ficacworld.org
Hon. N. Margaropoulos (Greece) secretary.general@ficacworld.org
Hon. Gonul Eken (Turkey) gonuleken@gmail.com
Hon. E. Monica Davis (Trinidad & Tobago) thebahamasconsulatett@gmail.com

The purpose of the Events Committee is to organize and stage events of the World Federation of Consuls such as awards ceremonies, annual meetings, FICAC Forum of the Americas, FICAC European Forum, FICAC Forum of Asia, FICAC African Forum etc. Its operation is to plan and execute these events. 4 weeks before an event, the Responsible in charge of the Region will contact the Organizing Committee to get the most updated info regarding the Final Program of the Event, the Officials to be attending, the list of Speakers, the Protocol to be followed, the presents and certificates to be prepared, the menu of the meals,…and any other relevant info. The Committee will prepare a “cahier des charges”, guidelines with check-lists, for the World Congress of Consuls, the Regional Conferences and other Events.

Hon. Purrshottam Bhaggeria pbhaggeria@consulateofmoldova.in
(Chief of Protocol Officer : Mr. Sunil Kunj protocol@consulateofmoldova.in )
Hon. Ashish Saraf (India) ashish@facorgroup.in
Hon. Amwed Jethu (UK) ajethu@honoraryconsul.info
Hon. Reshadur Rahman (Bangladesh) polcondhaka@gmail.com

The purpose of this Committee is to raise funds required to operate the organization by developing and implementing fund-raising programs.

Hon. A. Eken (Turkey) president@ficacworld.org
Hon. Costas Lefkaritis (Cyprus) kostakislefkaritis@petrolina.com.cy
Hon. N. Margaropoulos (Greece) secretary.general@ficacworld.org
Hon. A. Chowdhury (Bangladesh) asifc19@gmail.com
Hon. Tamer Bozoklar (Turkey) tbozoklar@bozoklar.net

a. International Relations

The purpose of the International Relations Committee is to manage relationships between Governments, private sector associations, members and international agencies. This Committee is to ensure the highest class of membership for our Federation in international organizations.
Its operation is to develop working partnerships within member countries and between international agencies, the European Union, the Organization of American States, the United Nations, WTO an d the World Bank/IFC. It is also to develop relationships with the Diplomatic
Corps to assist with FICAC projects.

b. International Institutions

  • To follow news/info received from International Institutions (UN, EU, OAS,…)
  • To attend conferences organized by International Institutions and to report to the BoD
  • To represent FICAC towards International Institutions
  • To propose partnership with International Institutions we are not yet involved with
  • To invite International Institutions Representatives to be Speakers to FICAC Conferences Sub-Committees a. and b. will collaborate closely.

Ambassador Gyorgy Suha (Hungary) Gyorgy.Suha@mfa.gov.hu
Hon.F.Piers (Belgium) piersfrancois@gmail.com

Hon. Rajko Maric (Serbia) advrajkomaric@gmail.com
Hon. Prof. Stelio Campanale (Italy) campanalelawfirm@tin.it
Hon. Nikolaos Margaropoulos (Greece) secretary.general@ficacworld.org
Hon. Borislav Boyanov (Bulgaria) b.boyanov@boyanov.com
The purpose of the Legal Committee is to protect FICAC from lawsuits, develop policies and
procedures for dealing with legal issues, review constitution and Vienna Convention on Consular
Relations 1963 from legal perspective.

Chairperson :
Hon. Jonathan Lux (UK) capeverde@jonathanlux.co.uk

Hon. Evi Avlogiari (Greece) law@avlogiari.gr
Hon. Hassan Kettani (Morocco) hkettani@gmail.com

Hon. Aykut Eken (Turkey) president@ficacworld.org


All Directors and all Regional Chairpersons
The Membership Committee’s purpose is to develop the membership base of the World Federation of Consuls. Its operation is to activate recruitment methodology including visits, consultations and presentations.
The purpose of this Committee is to negotiate preferential treatment and deals for members. This Committee should meet with international companies and agree deals.

Hon. Maxim Behar (Bulgaria) max@m3bg.com
Hon. Jean-Marie Roberti (Belgium) jeanmroberti@gmail.com
Hon. Tamer Bozoklar (Turkey) tbozoklar@bozoklar.net

The purpose of this Committee is to create international media awareness of FICAC by managing relationships with media, Governments and private sectors. Its operation is to maintain a working group in each region responsible for press releases relating to FICAC member activities.
This committee has to improve and make our communications more effective with our members, Governments and especially the international press.
How an institution is viewed and judged by the public, its members, its sponsors and by Governments is vital to the institution’s reputation and performance.
As we look ahead, we must recognize that the responsibilities of public communications are becoming increasingly demanding. Membership and public confidence in an institution cannot be secured by previous norms of performance alone. Integrity, openness, concerns for human welfare, respect for the problems of future generations must be clearly demonstrated if credibility is to be achieved by individual members of our Federation.
Our Federation is an international organization whose strength and ability to influence has grown considerably. Our Board of Directors is energized to deal with the realities of the current situation, but before we act, we need to:

  1. Identify top priority issues
  2. Design and execute programs to address these issues
  3. Develop a comprehensive public relations program to give coordinated direction to
    all the members.

The purpose of this Committee is to gather news from members for FICAC publications and for the Federation’s website www.ficacworld.org. The operation of this Committee is to work with Regional Chairmen to ensure that a process is in place to gather news, manage the Federation’s website and publish the FICAC News.

Hon. Leif-KristiaSverstad(Norway)yemenconsulate@vikenfiber.no
Hon. Christos Kontoveros (Greece) consul@ccd.gr-Chairperson of Subcommittee for Relations with Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Hon. Atman Haloui (Morocco) consul@gdl.ma
Hon. Omar Mestassi (Morocco) mestassi.consulperu@gmail.com
Hon. Loritan Prespa (Albania) lprespa@gmail.com
Hon. Levent Dölek (Turkey) leventdolek@arnavutlukkonsoloslugu.org
Hon. Martin Stanford (Turkey) info@sanford.net
Hon. Victor Melamed (Bulgaria) victor.melamed@gmail.com

The purpose of this committee is to promote cross border business, trade development and networking among members. The operation is to organize and host trade expos and missions among members.
The development of trade and its promotion is one of the main functions of the Consul, and it is also an integral part of the objectives of this administration.
Our Federation includes a high proportion of persons with considerable business expertise and they are therefore ideally suited for trade promotion.
International Trade Expos and Trade Fairs have been organized by members successfully. The member Corps that are doing this on an annual basis have seen the image and status of the Consular Corps involved, grow considerably. They have earned the respect of the Government of the country and, in particular, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

Chairperson :
Hon. Harry Vafias (Greece) info@consul.ph
Hon. A. Chowdhury (Bangladesh) asifc19@gmail.com
Hon. Leif-Kristian Sverstad (Norway) yemenconsulate@vikenfiber.no
Hon. Christos Vardikos (Greece) vardikos@icloud.com
Hon. Levent Dölek (Turkey) leventdolek@arnavutlukkonsoloslugu.org

Honorary Chairpersons:
HRH Princess Nisreen nelhashemite@rasit.org
H.E. Dr. Len Ishmael len.ishmael@gmail.com

Hon. G. Eken (Turkey) gonuleken@gmail.com

Hon. Mrs. Monique De Decker – Deprez (Belgium) consul.dedecker@telenet.be
Hon. M.-J. François (Haiti) consulmalihaiti@yahoo.fr
Hon. L. Kovaliovaite (Lithuania) l.kovaliovaite@gmail.com
Hon. M. Van Bladel (Chile) consubelga@vtr.net
Hon. Orli Nashitz (Israel) onaschitz@nblaw.com
Hon. Mrs. Nathalie Mimoun (Israel) nathalie_mimoun@hotmail.com
Hon. Nasreen Fatema Awal (Bangladesh) nasreen@multimodebd.com
Hon. Rajaa Aghzadi (Morocco) aghzadir@gmail.com
Hon. Binaya M. Shrestha (Nepal) binayanp@hotmail.com

Honorary Member:
Mag. Katja Gersak (Slovenia) kgersak@gmail.com

  • To promote the role of Women in Diplomacy
  • To represent FICAC to conferences and meetings focused on the role of Women
  • To organize events and conferences to highlight the role of Women
  • To initiate an active network of for Women belonging to FICAC Members Associations
  • To participate in activities organized by FICAC and FICAC Members
  • To propose Awards for Women who are playing a major role to recognize the important input of
    Women in Diplomacy, Sciences,…
  • To support any meeting/conference on the UN 5th Sustainable Goal “Achieve gender equality
    and empower all women and girls”

H.R.H. Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite nelhashemite@rasit.org
H.R.H. Prince Adnan El-Hashemite dean@rasit.org
H.R.H. Prince Radu of Romania office@princeradu.ro
H.E. Patrick De Beyter (Belgium) Patrick.DeBeyter@diplobel.fed.be
H.E. Thomas Antoine (Belgium) thomant1@gmail.com
H.E. Eric Derycke (Belgium) erik.derycke@skynet.be
H.E. Joseph Sestak (Slovakia) josef.sestak@gmail.com & josef.sestak@mzv.sk
H.E. Umit Pamir (Turkey) info@bilgesam.org
Hon. Dr. Afolabi (Nigeria) afolabiaf@sifaxgroup.com ; afolabisifax@yahoo.co.uk
Hon. Vicente Carlos (Philippines) vincecarlos@gmail.com
Hon. Dr. Kenan Magripli (Turkey) drmagripli@omanconsulate.com
Hon. Majid Boutaleb (Morocco) boutalebmajid@gmail.com
Hon. K.L. Ganju (India) klganju_comoros@hotmail.com
Hon. B. Boyanov (Bulgaria) b.boyanov@boyanov.com
Mr. Lincoln McCurdy (USA) lmccurdy@tc-america.org
Mr. Marty Markowitz (USA) martybrooklyn@gmail.com
Mr. Nand Khemka (India) Secretary@khemka.net.in
Mr. Generoso di Meo (Italy)
Mr. Fernando Pinto Oliveira (Portugal) f.p.oliveira@mail.telepac.pt
Prof. Dr. Steve H. Hanke (USA) hanke@jhu.edu
Mr. Georges Schieber (USA) gjschieber@gmail.com
Mr. Ilter Turan (Turkey)
Mr. Jorge Heine (Chile) jsievertheine@gmail.com
Mr. Tezcan Yaramacı (Turkey) tyaramanci@gmail.com
Mr. Burak Küntay (Turkey) burak.kuntay@bau.edu.tr & burakkuntay@gmail.com
Mr. Ümit Pamir (Turkey) umitpamir@gmail.com
Assoc.Prof.Dr. E.Elif Vatanoğlu-Lutz(Turkey) drvatanoglu@yahoo.com