Marko Smole holds a Doctorate (Ph.D.) from the Graduate School of Management and European Studies in the area of development of economic consular diplomacy. He completed his Masters degree at same faculty, focusing his thesis on the EU developmental assistance through structural funds and prior to that his Bachlors degree at the Business College of Ljubljana in economic studies.

In his active social life Dr. Smole was elected member of Governers Council of Slovenia’s Lions club 129 district as well as awarded President and Founder of the Lions club.

He has been actively representing The Republic of Seychelles in the Republic of Slovenia as an Honorary Consul since 1996. He also acts as President of Slovenian – Seychelles Friendship committee.

In 2008 he established and became first Dean of the Honorary Consular Corps of the Republic of Slovenia for two mandates. Between 2005 and 2011 Dr. Smole also co-founded and held the function of the Vice President of European Federation of Consular Corps.

Dr. Smole held the position of the Regional Chairman for CE and SE Europe for FICAC – World Federation of Consuls for two mandates.

In 2015 and 2018 he was elected Director of FICAC World Federation of Consuls. For his consular achievements he was decorated with a FICAC Medal of Honour and title of Past President Emeritus of Slovenian Consular corps.

Dr. Marko Smole has been an active member of the Board of Directors for the last two mandates. As Vice President of the Membership Commitee, he organised and established several consular associations in the region of CE and SE Europe and worldwide.. He was active atBoD meetings and conferences. In 2019, he organised a panel and a side-program discussing the topic of non-careeer diplomacy on the sidelines of Bled Strategic Forum (the largest foreign policy forums in Central and Southeast Europe, which hosts heads of state, ministers, leaders of international organizations and other prominent policy-makers)..

Dr. Marko Smole is the Founder and Director of the AC Investment company, which he has been operating for over 25 years. The company deals with stock market investment as well as investment and development of real estate in Southeast Europe. In the past years he has acted as a consultant, member and president of numerous business groups, associations, companies and supervisory boards in the region of central and SE Europe.

He is the author of a book addressing the new dimensions and possibilities of NON CAREER Consular Diplomacy, HONORARY CONSULS – issued by Faculty of Social Science in Ljubljana. He also authored numerous articles in prominent magazines and newspapers and he acts as guest lecturer at Faculty of Social Science of University of Ljubljana.