13th FICAC Horse Racing Event in Izmir

October 2, 2022 | News


The annual FICAC race, which has an important role about the collaboration of different countries,
has brought together Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls of different countries in Izmir.

At the 13th FICAC horse racing event held in Izmir, FICAC was represented by the Association of
Consular Members President Mrs. Zeliha J. TOPRAK, Honorary Consul of France in Izmir, Türkiye.

The trophy was prepared by the FICAC President Honorable Aykut Eken who was in Antalya for Board
Meeting of FICAC, given to the winner (Dartagnan) Mrs. Berfin GÖKÇE by Mrs. Zeliha J. Toprak, the
President of the Association of Consular Members and Mrs. N. Gökçen KAYA , the Ambassador of
Türkiye in Izmir.

Also Mr. Ahmet Fahri Yiğitbaşı the Honorary Consul of Portugal in Izmir, Mr. Mustafa Ahmet Özsoy
the Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Izmir, Mr. Martin Sanford the Honorary Consul of Chile in Izmir,
Mr. E. Altan Ünsal, the Honorary Consul of Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, Mrs. Güliz Balsarı, the Honorary
Consul of USA in Izmir, Mr. Muharrem Toprak the Honorary Consul of Kososva in Izmir attended the
13th FICAC course.